BURGAW – More than five months have passed since Pender County declared a state of emergency for Hurricane Florence. Today, Pender County Chairman George Brown terminated the state of emergency.

“A state of emergency no longer exists,” said Brown. “However, our recovery efforts will continue.”

Since the Hurricane Florence State of Emergency went into effect Sept. 10, 2018, Pender County residents have been approved for $121.3 million in state and federal funds, according to the latest FEMA statistics. An estimated $16.8 million in state and federal grants have been given to 2,671 homeowners and renters in Pender County.

As of last week, 7,236 home inspections have been issued.

Pender County residents suffered an estimated $261,800,000 in damages. More than $6.2 million in damages was suffered by non-residential structures.


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