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Registered Motor Vehicles

Motor vehicles are billed for personal property taxes approximately three months after the registration is renewed or tags are purchased for a new vehicle. The billing process is begun with the registration, therefore; when trading in one vehicle for another, be sure to transfer the tag to the new vehicle IF you can. When you receive your vehicle registration renewal card from the DMV, make sure your address and county are correct. If the address and county are not correct, DMV must be notified so you are taxed by the proper county and city.

About three months after your registration renewal, you will receive a bill which is payable on the first day of the following month. 5% interest is added if you pay the month after your bill is due. An additional 0.75% is added each additional month it is paid late.

You will receive a separate tax bill on each registered vehicle you own. If you receive a bill from other than your home county at time of renewal, contact the tax office. If taxes are not paid on time, the tax collector will issue a “block.” If a vehicle receives a block, the registration cannot be renewed again until the taxes plus interest have been paid. The DMV does not send you any renewal information if a block has been placed on your vehicle.

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