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Oct14 Posted: 10/14/2016 9:41:00 PM

 Pender storm briefs


Malpass Corner Shelter will close today

PENDER COUNTY – The Pender County Office of Emergency Management reports the emergency shelter at Malpass Corner Elementary will close today by 5 p.m. The Burgaw Middle School shelter will remain open until further notice. The Burgaw Middle School shelter is a pet friendly shelter. For details call the Pender County Emergency Management office at 910-259-1210.


Free debris collection through Saturday

Running Deer Landfill, located in the 7200 block of NC Hwy 210 in Rocky Point, will accept residential yard waste until Saturday evening at no charge.

Oct14 Posted: 10/14/2016 9:37:00 PM

 State of Emergency continues in Pender County


PENDER COUNTY – Pender County remains under a State of Emergency, according to the Pender County Office of Emergency Management.   

“What started with tracking Hurricane Matthew on Oct. 3 continues with two flooding events that will involve Pender County personnel for weeks to come,” said Tom Collins, Pender County Emergency Manager. “The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) will be active for some time.”

 George Brown, chairman of the Pender County Board of Commissioners, signed a Pender County State of Emergency on Oct. 5. Due to the historic flooding along the Black River Basin and the Northeast Cape Fear River, the state of emergency declaration was amended to include the catastrophic floods.

Oct14 Posted: 10/14/2016 9:31:00 PM

Take precautions with flooded wells


PENDER COUNTY – Pender County Health Department and Tom Collins, the director of Pender County Emergency Management urges residents with well water to thoroughly inspect wells and pumps.

 “If your well has been flooded, you need test your water,” said Collins. “Wells in the flooded areas may be contaminated.”

 The Pender County Health Department will offer free well testing.

 “You should not drink or bathe with the well water until your water has been tested,” said Collins.

 According to Cliff Treyans, the National Groundwater Association, if a well has been flooded, do not drink the water or wash with it, but use an alternative supply such as bottled water.

Oct14 Posted: 10/14/2016 12:48:00 PM

Pender County Utilities – Mandatory Water Conservation Advisory

Burgaw, N.C. (October 14, 2016) – Pender County Utilities customers in all areas of Pender County are required to take steps to decrease water usage, effective immediately, following damage to a raw water line that provides the raw water to the Pender County Surface Water Treatment Plant.


Oct12 Posted: 10/12/2016 5:38:00 PM

Pender County residents who receive food stamps  who were impacted by the flood may receive assistance from Pender County Health and Human Services. 

“Flood victims who lost food purchased with food stamps due to flooding or power outages should visit the DSS for assistance,” said Carolyn Moser, director, health and human services.   “They may be eligible to receive replacement vouchers from the county.”

Oct12 Posted: 10/12/2016 4:41:00 PM

Evacuees who need to relocate their horses and livestock should contact the Pender County Emergency Operations Center, according to the Pender County Office of Emergency Management.

“Residents in the flood-prone areas along the Black River Basin are under a mandatory evacuation,” said Tom Collins, Pender County Emergency Manager. “Residents with horses and livestock who need to be moved to a safe location should call us immediately. We are working with rescue networks to assist.”

Oct12 Posted: 10/12/2016 4:38:00 PM

Currently 26 roads are closed in Pender County, according to the Pender County Office of Emergency Management. 

“We know more roads will close,” said Tom Collins, Pender County Emergency Manager. “Flooding in the Black River basin and the Northeast Cape Fear River closed major arteries, including NC Hwy. 53 and NC Hwy. 210.”

The following roads are closed: Aviator Lane, Englishtown Road, Meadow Beauty, Croomsbridge Road, Rockfish Lake Road, Old Maple Hill Road, Shelter Creek Drive, Willard Railroad Street, NC Hwy 53, Beatty’s Bridge Road, Whitestocking Road, Morgan Road, Battleground Road, Brinson Road, Crooked Run Road, Buckle Road, Canetuck Road, Heading Bluff Road, NC Hwy 210, Calidonia Creek, Shane Pridgen Road, Shaw Hwy, and Hwy 53 at Moore Hill.

Oct12 Posted: 10/12/2016 3:16:00 PM

 Regional flooding and debris from Hurricane Matthew may bring a tide of scam artists who promise home repairs. Scam artists will leave property owners high and dry.

“In previous weather events, we have heard reports of home owners who paid deposits on materials and the contractor never returned to complete the work,” said Randell Woodruff, Pender County manager. “We have heard reports where contractors charged outrageous fees for trimming broken limbs and not cleaning away the debris.”

Pender County officials urge residents to beware of scam artists in the aftermath of the historic floods in the county.

“Local chambers of commerce in Burgaw and the Greater Topsail area represent local reputable businesses,” said Chuck Strickland, the director of the Greater Topsail Area Chamber of Commerce. “Residents requiring home repair can find contractors on our websites or on our downloadable app.”

Residents are also urged to be alert to scam artists who claim to be gathering donations for flood victims. Residents who want to donate should give through churches, civic organizations, and to the Gateway Community Church, 416 W. Bridger St. in Burgaw. The church is serving as a distribution center. For details call Pastor Ted Mercer at 910-604-0071.

Residents are urged to report scam artists to local law enforcement agencies.

Oct12 Posted: 10/12/2016 7:45:00 AM

After a Flood | Floodwater in Your Home | Recovery Process ...

Oct12 Posted: 10/12/2016 7:10:00 AM

The Pender County Office of Emergency Management has issued a mandatory evacuation for the Black River Basin.

“The Black River is rising 3-5 inches per hour,” said Tom Collins, director of Pender County Emergency Management. “This is a mandatory evacuation. There are homes along the Black River that are already under water.”

“Residents west of Moores Creek National Battlefield, including all roads connecting to Canetuck Road, need to leave their homes and businesses now.”

The evacuation area also includes Borough Road and adjoining roads, Battleground Road and west of Blueberry Farm Road, Beattys Bridges Road and Ivanhoe Road.

“Evacuees may seek shelter at Malpass Corner Elementary or the Burgaw Middle School,” said Collins.

Malpass Elementary School is located at 4992 Malpass Corner Rd., Burgaw. The American Red Cross and Pender Health and Human Services are coordinating shelters. The shelter at Malpass Elementary School will open at 3 p.m. The shelter in Burgaw Middle School, 500 S. Wright St. in Burgaw, is a pet friendly shelter. Evacuees with pets should go to Burgaw Middle with proof of rabies.

“Residents should heed the mandatory evacuation,” said Collins. “The water is rising fast. We are looking a record flood levels, dating back to 1945.”

Pender County is under a State of Emergency.

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