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Compatibility View Mode

If you are having trouble clicking links on the website, please follow the steps below to ensure that your browser is in compatability mode.

By default, Compatability View Mode is Off when using Internet Explorer 10. Notice that the page icon between and the refresh button (the half circle with an arrow) is light gray. This means that Compatability View Mode is off.

Compatibility Mode

Click the page icon to turn on Compatibility View Mode. When Compatibility View Mode is set to on, the page icon turns from light gray to blue.

Compatibility Mode


Setting a Website to always open in Compatability View Mode

1. First we need to enable the menu bar. Right-Click on the  area beside of an open Tab in the browser and click "Menu Bar"

 Menu Bar

2. Click "Tools"

Compatibility Mode

3. Click "Compatibility View Settings"

Compatibility Mode

4. In the "Add this Website," type and click "Add"

5. You may wish to add and too

6. After entering the website addresses, click "Close"

If you continue to have issues, please email

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