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Time Issued: 230 PM EDT Saturday September 23, 2017

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Outlook & Key Points for Hurricane Maria

Overview: Maria is forecast to move northward to off the Southeast U.S. coast Monday through Wednesday. Tropical Storm Force Wind Speed Probabilities have increased, especially from Cape Fear northward as the track has shifted closer to the U.S. East coast.

Impacts: Maria’s swells will result in high surf, rip currents, hazardous boating conditions, and possibly coastal flooding Sun through Wed. Most of Maria’s direct impacts will likely remain just offshore from this part of the Carolinas unless the track shifts farther west.

Key Points: 1) Marine and surf conditions will continue to deteriorate through the weekend into early next week as Maria’s swells impact the coast and adjacent coastal waters.

2) Interests in the Carolinas should closely monitor the progress of Maria.

3) If the track continues to shift to the west then it is possible that some of the Carolinas may need a Tropical Storm or Hurricane Watch on Sunday.

Maria Outlook 2



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