Hurricane Maria Outlook – September 25, 2017


Wilmington, NC – Steve Pfaff

Time Issued: 230 PM EDT Saturday September 23, 2017

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Outlook & Key Points for Hurricane Maria

Overview: Maria is forecast to move northward to off the Southeast U.S. coast Monday through Wednesday. Tropical Storm Force Wind Speed Probabilities have increased, especially from Cape Fear northward as the track has shifted closer to the U.S. East coast.

Impacts: Maria’s swells will result in high surf, rip currents, hazardous boating conditions, and possibly coastal flooding Sun through Wed. Most of Maria’s direct impacts will likely remain just offshore from this part of the Carolinas unless the track shifts farther west.

Key Points: 1) Marine and surf conditions will continue to deteriorate through the weekend into early next week as Maria’s swells impact the coast and adjacent coastal waters.

2) Interests in the Carolinas should closely monitor the progress of Maria.

3) If the track continues to shift to the west then it is possible that some of the Carolinas may need a Tropical Storm or Hurricane Watch on Sunday.

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Press Release – Pender County residents urged to prepare for Hurricane Irma

Press Release


Sept. 7, 2017

For Immediate Release

Contact: County Manager Randell Woodruff, 910-259-1200

Pender County residents urged to prepare for Hurricane Irma

PENDER COUNTY – The Pender County Office of Emergency Management urged residents to prepare for Hurricane Irma.

“We’re tracking this storm,” said Tom Collins, Pender County Emergency Manager. “Every Pender County resident should take precautions to prepare for Hurricane Irma.”

Collins said families should have emergency kits ready.

“Be sure your emergency supplies kit has enough bottled water and non-perishable food to sustain each family member for three to seven days,” Collins said. “Include a weather radio, flashlight, extra batteries, toiletries, change of clothes, blankets or sleeping bag, rain gear and appropriate footwear. Also include copies of important documents, such as birth certificates and insurance policies.”

While preparing for a family emergency, don’t forget to plan for your pets. Gather supplies for your pet and put them in an easily-accessible container.

“Now is the time to prepare your home,” said Collins. “Clean out gutters and clear property of debris that could damage buildings in strong winds”

The Pender County Office of Emergency Management urges all residents to secure lawn furniture, gas grills, and items that can be become flying debris. Collins said residents should prepare for possible power outages.

Homeowners will need to purchase items such as lumber and shutters now. Pre-drill the window casings, Collins said.

“Residents in flood-prone areas should know local evacuation routes,” Collins said. “We are not issuing a voluntary evacuation at this time, but we want all Pender County residents to know the routes.”

“We are monitoring Hurricane Irma,” said Collins. “It’s important for residents to keep up with weather advisories.”

Residents may register for CodeRed, the county’s emergency alert system, at

Pender County Emergency Management will post updates on the Facebook page at and on the website

If you need assistance call the EM office at 910- 259-1210.










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