The new Hampstead Solid Waste Convenience Site at 250 Transfer Station Rd. is now open.

“The site is located on Transfer Station Road, off US Hwy 17, is between Clayton Homes and Andrew’s Sea Lawn Memorial Park,” said Randell Woodruff, Pender County manager.

Transfer Station Road, which runs from US Hwy 17 to Country Club Drive, us a safer location for citizens to enter and exit, added Mack.

“The Pender County Board of Commissioners moved the solid waste center from US Hwy 17 to a safer location for our citizens,” said Woodruff.

The Commercial Transfer Station Scale and Scale House have been moved to the 250 Transfer Station Rd. site.

“A private developer is currently constructing the road extension,” said Woodruff. “Road construction should be complete by the fall of 2017 which will allow citizens easy exiting onto Country Club Drive.”

Both sites are now open and available for public use.

For more information regarding the new Hampstead Solid Waste Convenience Site, please call Pender County Utilities at 910-259-1570.


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