PENDER COUNTY – As we approach daybreak, helicopter rescue missions will begin being executed. All citizens who are in a flooded area or a potentially flooded area should be on alert for helicopters.

Watch and listen for helicopters. Upon observation of the helicopter, go outdoors and signal for your rescue using a towel, flashlight, flare or whatever you have available. Please get to highest ground to wave for assistance. Please use a visible towel or shirt as they are surveying the areas to be located from the air.

If you have an emergency or need any water rescue, please call 911. Information on your location and circumstances will be evaluated to determine the appropriate response. County and state resources are dispatched only through Pender County Emergency Operations.

Facebook and other social media outlets are being utilized to push information out and facilitate general conversation; however, do not use social media or Facebook to report an emergency or request rescue. Call 911 to insure a timely response.

Pender County Emergency Management will post updates on the Facebook page at and on the website For further information or assistance, call the Pender County Emergency Operations Center at 910-259-1210.

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