BURGAW –  As FEMA temporary housing arrives, Pender County’s inspection department is ensuring the safety of its residents by complying with the state building code regarding electrical transmission lines.

“We have spoken with FEMA and they are going to instruct their contractors to comply with the state code by installing electrical lines in conduit 18 inches underground,” said Randell Woodruff, Pender County manager. “If conduit is not used, the electrical line must be buried 24 inches.”

Counties do not have the authority to waive state code, according to Trey Thurman, Pender County’s attorney.

“Our inspection department adhered to the state code,” said Woodruff. “We simply can’t permit unsafe conditions for our families who were severely impacted by Hurricane Florence.”

Pender County has waived permitting fees for residents impacted by the storm.

“Safety is our utmost concern,” said Woodruff.


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