HAMPSTEAD – Pender County Water Utilities customers in the Olde Point area of Hampstead may use their water without boiling.

Pender County Water Utilities rescinded the system pressure advisory today.

“Bacteriological analysis results of drinking water samples collected after completion of the repair from this water system show no coliform bacteria present,” said Kenny Keel, Pender County Utilities director. “The system has resumed normal operations and you may use the water without boiling.”

Crews worked on a main water line in the areas of Hampstead that included homes along Country Club Drive between Sawgrass and Kings Landing roads, Waldorf Way, Bramble Drive, Shandy Way between Waldorf Way and Emerald Ridge Drive, Julep Trace, Collins Way, Milano Court, and Kensington Court within the Villages of Olde Point. The work started on March 14.

“The system pressure advisory is rescinded,” said Keel.


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