The Bidder is requested to submit a firm Lump Sum/Unit Rate Proposal for the
decommissioning and demolition of the former industrial brownfields facility
located at 101 Vitamin Drive off Hwy 421 in Pender County, North Carolina (Site) in
accordance with all the requirements stipulated in the attached Bid Specification and

The Successful Bidder shall furnish all the materials, equipment, labor, supervision,
construction tools, equipment, temporary facilities to perform all work and render
all services necessary for and incidental to the proper completion of the project
contained in these Bid Documents.

Pender County intends to award the entire scope of work as a result of this event,
however, Pender County reserves the right to award all, a subset, or none of the
requirements via the RFP or to conduct another event for the requirements at its
sole discretion. Suppliers should bid accordingly during the RFP phase of this

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Former Industrial Brownfields Property
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