BURGAW- On Thursday, Feb. 16, Pender County Library will partner with Stack Stories LLC to host a screening of the documentary “Lessons from the Rosenwald Schools”. The screening will take place at the Main Library at 103 S. Cowan Street in Burgaw at 6 p.m. Community members of all ages are encouraged to view the film and meet the film’s co-directors Richard T. Newkirk, Ed.D. and Claudia Stack, M.Ed.

“Lessons from the Rosenwald Schools” includes footage from hundreds of interviews with alumni and former teachers in which they speak of their experiences at historic African American schools. Dr. Newkirk, an educator and alumnus of these historic schools, and Ms. Stack, an educator and filmmaker who has been documenting African American education heritage since 2003, help viewers understand how these schools fostered a culture of excellence. The film reveals practices that were common in Rosenwald schools and other historic African American schools, including many teaching strategies that are validated by current research, and recommends ways that we can move forward together.


Executive Producer: Stack Stories LLC

Co-directors: Richard T. Newkirk, Ed.D. & Claudia Stack, M.Ed.

Producer: Claudia Stack

Editor: Rich Gehron


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