The primary purpose of the Finance Department is to ensure and maintain accurate financial information to support the overall fiscal management of the County. This is accomplished through a system of financial planning, reporting, and control.

Some of the Finance Department’s responsibilities and services are:

  • Selling bonded debt
  • Managing existing debt
  • Accounting for the County’s receipts and disbursements
  • Payroll Administration
  • Managing investments
  • Administering financial aspects of capital projects
  • Managing financial assistance received by the County from Federal and State sources
  • Maintaining fixed asset inventories
  • Purchasing
  • Coordinating the annual independent audit
  • Preparing the Annual Financial Statements
  • Providing collections services to County departments
  • Responsible for overseeing budget process

Finance News

Invitation to Bid Water Treatment Chemicals: Ferric Sulfate and Sodium Hydroxide

Pender County issued Invitation to Bid #201104-111 for Water Treatment Chemicals:  Ferric Sulfate and Sodium Hydroxide today.  Bidders may bid on one or both chemicals.  A multi-tiered award may be made to a maximum of three (3) Vendors; a primary, secondary and tertiary Vendor for each chemical.  Any questions are due to Anthony Colon at […]

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