Guardianship Services are provided when appropriate, to those individuals 18 years or older or any emancipated minor, in conjunction with Adult Protective Services or as a stand alone service, depending upon case circumstances. The guardian appointed is a decision made by the Clerk of Court when the clerk determines that the individual is incompetent.

Guardianship will be recommended only as a last resort and public agencies appointed as guardians only when there is no other appropriate individual or corporation is available to serve.

There are three types of guardians: guardian of the person, guardian of the estate and general guardian.

  1.  A guardian of the person is appointed “solely for the purpose of performing duties related to the care, custody and control of a ward”. [G.S. 35A-1202(10)]
  2.  A guardian of the estate is appointed “solely for the purpose of managing the property, estate and business affairs of a ward.” [G.S. 35A-1202(9)]
  3. `General guardian’ means a guardian of both the estate and the person. [G.S. 35A-1202(7)]
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