Advisory Board of Health Members

Carolyn Moser
Health Director
Kimberly Collins, Chair
Nurse Representative
Shannon Jennings, Co-Chair
Veterinarian Representative
Jacqueline A. Newton
Commissioner Representative
Physician Representative
Beth Caveness
Pharmacist Representative
Denise Houghton
In Lieu Optometrist
Jan Dawson
Public Representative
Samentha Jones
Public Representative
Frank Perez
Public Representative


  • G.S. 130A-39: “A local board of health shall have the responsibility to protect and promote the public health. The board shall have the authority to adopt rules necessary for that purpose.”
    • May adopt a regulation for almost any activity
    • Cannot be overly broad
    • Must be linked to legitimate public health goals
  • Examples of such regulations: septic tank installation, roadside meat and fish sales, second-hand tobacco smoke exposure
  • For more on rule-making, please see “The Rulemaking Authority of North Carolina Local Boards of Health,” in section IV of your orientation binder


  • G.S 130A-24
    • Board of Health must hold a hearing when a citizen brings an appeal to a decision or interpretation of a rule
    • Rulings must be made in writing
    • If a party is dissatisfied with the board’s ruling, (s)he may appeal to the district court.


  • G.S. 130A-40
    • Major responsibility under this statue is the appointment, evaluation, and termination of the local health director.
      • Appointment must include consultation with the county board (or boards) of commissioners and the State Health Director
      • Exception- a director of a Consolidated Human Service Agency is hired and fired by the county manager, nor the board
  • G.S. 130A-39(g)
    • Board of Health is responsible for imposing fees for services
      • Must be approved by the county commissioners
      • Must be reasonable and cost-based
  • Board of Health should review the health department budget since money allocation is a significant statement of policy.

Association of North Carolina Boards of Health
National Association of Local Boards of Health

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