2018 Community Health Assessment-We need you

The Community Health Assessment is a door to door survey to see what residents of Pender County perceive as the biggest issues impacting health and how they view the health of the community.  Help your community’s voice be heard as we prioritize and plan for a healthier tomorrow.

*Volunteers age 18 and up needed to assist with a door to door survey about improving the health of your community.  Meet at the Pender County Cooperative Extension Conference room, 801 S. Walker Street, Burgaw, NC 28425

Thursday, March 22nd 9:00am-12:00pm (training) and 1:00-6:00pm
Friday, March 23rd 9:00am –1:00pm and 1:00pm-6:00pm
Saturday, March 24th 9:00am-1:00pm and 1:00pm-6:00pm

Sign up with link:


*Volunteers must attend training on Thursday to participate in survey.   Volunteers do not need to be present all three days.  Lunch will be provided.  If you drive your own personal vehicle door-to-door and are not reimbursed by your employer, we will reimburse you with a gas card.

Every volunteer will receive a small thank you gift and the opportunity to win a Fitbit! For each day that you help interview your neighbors, your name will be entered into a drawing, so sign up for more days to increase your chances.

For questions, contact Pender County Health Department, Kerrie Bryant at 910-663-3762 or at kbryant@pendercountync.gov


Heart Disease Risk Factors

Several health conditions, your lifestyle, and your age and family history can increase your risk for heart disease. These are called risk factors. About half of all Americans(47%) have at least one of the three key risk factors for heart disease: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and smoking.

Some of the risk factors for heart disease cannot be controlled, such as your age or family history. But you can take steps to lower your risk by changing the factors you can control.

Learn more about heart disease risk factors:

Opioid Overdose: Understanding the Epidemic

The United States is in the midst of an opioid overdose epidemic.

Opioids (including prescription opioidsheroin, and fentanyl) killed more than 42,000 people in 2016, more than any year on record. 40% of all opioid overdose deaths involve a prescription opioid. In 2016, 40% all opioid overdose deaths involved a prescription opioid.

Learn more:
Understanding the Epidemic
Overdose Prevention
Information for Patients
Information for Providers
Opioid Abuse Statistics by County

Youth Employment Certificate Update

Important change:  As of October 2017, the Department of Social Services can no longer issue Youth Employment Certificates (YEC) also known as Work Permits.  Instead, parents and youth can obtain a certificate online through the N.C. Department of Labor at www.nclabor.com.

The N.C. Department of Labor has easy to follow steps on how to apply for the certificate online.  They advise that the application process works best when done at the employer’s location “In order to ensure accuracy of job descriptions and ABC permit requirements”.  The instructions also state that the Youth Employment Certificate (YEC) form should not be completed until the youth has a firm job offer. The completed Youth Employment Certificate (YEC) needs to be signed by the youth, parent and the employer before it is valid.  It then must be given by the employer to be filed on or before the first day of work.

Should any questions or concerns arise regarding the new application process please contact a program assistant at the N.C. Department of Labor at 1-800-NC-LABOR (1-800-625-2267).  More detailed information can also be found at www.nclabor.com.

October 28th is National DEA Take-Back Day


October 28th is National DEA Take-Back Day and we are partnering with numerous organizations in 4 different counties to provide 9 take-back sites from 10a-2p. Take this opportunity to get unused medications out of your home and dispose of them appropriately.

• Unused or expired prescription medications are a public safety issue and can lead to accidental poisoning, overdose, and abuse?
• Unused prescription medications thrown in the trash can be retrieved and abused or illegally sold?
• Unused drugs that are flushed contaminate the water supply?
• Take-back programs and permanent drop boxes are the best way to dispose of old drugs?

Pender Memorial Hospital, 507 E. Fremont St., Burgaw &
Island Family Practice, 13567 NC HWY 50 #A, Surf City

For more info, please contact Iris Baker at 910-667-8297

System Pressure Advisory & Boil Water Notice

Pender County Utilities Water customers in the central and western areas of the County from NC Highway 11 (Willard), along Highway 117 from the Duplin County Line south to the New Hanover County line, and west of Highway 117 to US 421 served by Pender County Utilities (Rocky Point/Topsail Water & Sewer District) are advised due to an emergency water main break along east Montague Road, periods of low pressure or outages have occurred and will continue for the next 8 to 10 hours until approximately 10:00 p.m. Wednesday, September 20, 2017.
Water service will be returned to you as soon as possible upon completion of the repair work.
Periods of low or no pressure in the distribution system increases the potential for back siphonage and introduction of bacteria into the water system.
Therefore, the Rocky Point/Topsail Water System and the NC Division of Water Resources advise that when water is restored, consumers BOIL ALL WATER used for human consumption (including drinking, making ice, brushing teeth, washing dishes and food preparation) or use bottled water.
Vigorous boiling for one (1) minute should kill any disease-causing organisms that may be present in the water.
This advisory remains in effect until further written notification is issued.

This advisory issued on September 20, 2017 by:
Bryan McCabe, Director
Rocky Point/Topsail Water System
Public Water Supply Section
NC Division of Water Resources
Wilmington Regional Office
(910) 796 – 7215

Pender County Health Department Seasonal Flu Clinic Dates

Date                                          Location                                          Time

 10/5/17                         Topsail Beach –  Town Hall                         10am-1pm

                                      820 S. Anderson Blvd.           Topsail Beach

10/11/17                         Surf City – Welcome Center                         9am – 1pm

                                      102 N. Shore Dr.              Surf City

10/24/17                         Topsail Senior Center                                   9am – 2pm

                                      20959 US Hwy. 17         Hampstead

10/19/17                         Pender Adult Services                                 9am – 3pm

                                      901 S. Walker St.             Burgaw


Pender County Health Department

803 S. Walker Street, Burgaw, NC

Beginning October 15, Shots will be available

 Monday-Friday, 8:30 am-11:30 am & 1:30 pm-4:30 pm

Pender County Health Department ANNEX

     15060 U.S. Highway 17, Hampstead, NC 

Beginning October 11th Shots will be available

Every 2nd/4th Wednesday as well as all vaccines 12 noon-4:00 pm


*Vaccine is available free of charge for uninsured children 6 months – 18 years


Cost with no insurance $40 Regular dose / $65 High dose (65yr. +)

*High dose upon request 

           For additional information, please call Pender County Health Department 910-259-1230.


How to view the 2017 Solar Eclipse Safely

Be safe during the solar eclipse today! The only safe way to look directly at the uneclipsed or partially eclipsed sun is through special-purpose solar filters, such as “eclipse glasses” or hand-held solar viewers. Homemade filters or ordinary sunglasses, even very dark ones, are not safe for looking at the sun; they transmit thousands of times too much sunlight. Refer to the American Astronomical Society (AAS) Reputable Vendors of Solar Filters & Viewers page: https://eclipse.aas.org/resources/solar-filters
for a list of manufacturers and authorized dealers of eclipse glasses and handheld solar viewers verified to be compliant with the ISO 12312-2 international safety standard for such products. Please read more about “How to view the 2017 Solar Eclipse Safely”


Health Officials Encourage Caution as Temperatures Rise

As the heat index rises, local and state health officials urge citizens to take extra precautions against heat-related illnesses. Daytime temperatures have risen to the mid to upper 90’s, and emergency room visits for heat related illnesses have risen as well, according to the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services.

“As we approach these dangerously hot temperatures in North Carolina, we urge residents to take precautions when doing outside activities,” said Dr. Zack Moore, State Epidemiologist. “Whether you are outside for work or recreation, make sure you are drinking plenty of fluids to minimize risk of heat-related illness.”

To reduce risk of heat-related illness:

-Drink plenty of fluids
-Try to limit being outside during the hottest part of the day, usually 11 a.m.-4 p.m.
-Take breaks often during long periods of being outside.  Go inside to cool down.
-Never leave children or pets unattended in vehicles. Temperature levels inside a car can reach a lethal level in a matter of minutes.
– Consult with your doctor about how to stay safe if you take medicines that make you more vulnerable to heat (high blood pressure, migraines, allergies, muscle spasms, mental illness and tranquilizers)

For more information on how to prevent heat-related health issues and to learn about heat-related illness in North Carolina, visit: http://publichealth.nc.gov/chronicdiseaseandinjury/heat.htm.

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COVID-19 vaccination appointments are NOW being accepted for everyone 18 years and older. Schedule your appointment in Burgaw or Hampstead. (Moderna vaccine is only approved for age 18 and up.)