Pender Online Resource Tool

Pender County has developed a new permitting software system called PORT (Pender Online Resource Tool). This tool provides customers with access to information and enables customers to see where permits are in the permitting process, offers improved reporting capabilities, allows for easy online fee payments, and creates a more streamlined process internally. PORT is mobile friendly and will be a time saver for all involved.

  • Information
  • How-To's and Videos
  • FAQs
  • Forms
  • The PORT is an online portal that allows citizens of Pender County to apply for permits, see the status of current permits, and even pay fees online. In order to use the PORT, citizens must register their account. Please see the How-To’s and Videos and FAQs sections of this page for more information.

    • General

      Fee Schedules:


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    • Pender County Inspections & Permitting

      Please see the Helpful Forms section for Standard Required Inspections and Application Requirements.

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    • Pender County Planning & Community Development

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    • Pender County Environmental Health

      Note: Turn-Around time for permits to be issued is approximately two (2) weeks depending on staff work load and the weather.

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