Library presents genealogy panel: Tracing the Path of Free People of Color

PENDER COUNTY- On Saturday, Feb. 20 at 1 p.m., Pender County Library will host a panel of genealogists and historians for a discussion of the migrations of free people of color from Tidewater Virginia to southeastern North Carolina and westward going back to the 1600s. During the hour-long event, five genealogists and historians will tell the story of their ancestors and their ancestors’ communities.

The first African slaves in an English colony in the Americas were brought ashore in 1619 near Jamestown, in the Tidewater region of Virginia. In the first several decades of slavery in the English American colonies, a small portion of African Americans were able gain their freedom. Some of these free people of color chose to migrate to North Carolina, an early “frontier” where Virginians moved to seek land and fortune. Recollection of Virginia-North Carolina migration has faded in family memories, but the tracks remain in scattered records and stubborn bits of DNA that persist in descendants’ genomes.

The panel will include genealogists and historians Luke Alexander, Lisa Fanning, Tyrone Goodwyn, Andre Kearns, and Melvin Wilson. All panelists are descendants of free people of color who lived in the Tidewater region and/or migrated from there to southeastern North Carolina. Tyrone Goodwyn, the lead historian on the panel, is descended from free people of color in what is now Pender County.

Register online at, or go to the library’s website,, and follow the links under the Events tab. You can also call the library and staff will take your registration by phone. The event will be hosted on Zoom. There is no need to have a Zoom account; just click the link provided in the confirmation email and follow the prompts to download Zoom. The talk can be viewed on smartphone, tablet, or computer. Registration is required.

For more information or assistance, call Pender County Library at 910-259-1234 (Burgaw) or 910-270-4603 (Hampstead) during regular business hours.

Online COVID-19 vaccination appointments coming soon

Pender County Health Department prepares for online appointments

BURGAW – This week Pender County Health Department will begin offering online appointments for COVID-19 vaccinations based on vaccine availability.

You may also schedule via phone by calling 910-663-4200.

We are currently following NC DHHS Vaccine Guidance for Priority Groups 1 and 2.

  • Group 1 – Healthcare Workers
  • Group 2 – Anyone 65 years and older.

Please monitor this website, Facebook page, and the local news for updates on available appointments.


Request for Proposals NCDPS JCPC Continuation Funding FY 2021-23

The Juvenile Crime Prevention Council having studied the needs of juveniles in the county hereby publishes this Request for Proposals.  Deadline is February 19, 2021.

The North Carolina Department of Public Safety (NCDPS) anticipates annual funds in the above stated amount will be available for programs serving delinquent and at-risk youth beginning on or after July 1, 2021.   The Juvenile Crime Prevention Council may recommend certain programs for one or two-year funding awards dependent upon program performance, compliance with JCPC policy, and the availability of state JCPC allocation funds.

Based on identified needed programs and possible gaps in the service continuum, the following program types will be considered for funding:

  • Parent/Family Skill Building
  • Interpersonal Skill Building
  • Vocational Skills
  • Restitution/Community Service
  • Teen Court
  • Psychological Assessments
  • Counseling
  • Substance Abuse Prevention/Education
  • Sexual Offender Evaluation & Treatment

As a result of the Needs Assessment in the above-named county, programs that reduce risk, address the needs of juveniles, and increase protective factors will be considered for funding.

Elevated Risk Factors for delinquency: 

  • Regularly associating with other delinquent youth
  • Moderate to serious behavioral problems at school
  • Engaged in assaultive/aggressive behavior
  • Engaged in substance abuse
  • Inadequate supervision by parents/guardians
  • Referral to juvenile court prior to age 12
  • Prior involvement with juvenile court

Elevated Needs for adjudicated juveniles:

  • Association with other delinquent peers
  • Substance abuse; sexually offending behavior, mental health problems, involvement with juvenile court prior to age 12, multiple referrals to juvenile court
  • Parental supervision problems
  • Moderate to severe behavioral problems at school

Protective Factors to address risk and needs:

  1. Program services compatible with research that are shown to be effective with juvenile offenders.
  2. Program services are outcome-based.
  3. The program has an evaluation component.
  4. Program services detect gang participate and divert individuals, if applicable.

The web-based program application is available on line at the Department of Public Safety website:,002476,002483,002482,002514   A virtual grant writing workshop is scheduled for February 10, 2021 from 9:30am – noon. Interested applicants register by Monday, February 8, 2021 at 5:00pm by emailing

Only local public agencies, 501-C-3 non-profit corporations and local housing authorities will be considered for funding. For additional information regarding the application process:  Dee Turner, JCPC Chairperson/Designee at 910-663-3769.   For information about the grant writing workshop and other technical assistance:  Pam Stokes, Area Consultant at 910-920-4975.

The deadline for receiving applications is February 19, 2021.  Email to or deliver to:  805 S. Walker St., Burgaw, NC  28425.

Click here for a PDF of this Request for Proposals.

System Pressure Advisory in Maple Hill neighborhoods rescinded

Pender County Utilities issued a Pressure Advisory on Feb. 4,  to our  water customers in Maple Hill for the locations of Wooten Road from address 455-763, and all Wootena Road, Lum Drive, and John Pickett Road.
Bacteriological analysis results of drinking water samples collected after completion of the water system upgrade on Thursday show no coliform bacteria present.
The system has resumed normal operations, and customers may use the water without boiling.
Additional flushing was performed in this area on Friday to help remove trapped air and any loose sediment from the repairs.
Please, remove and clean strainers on faucets in your house to also remove potential debris,
The system pressure advisory is hereby rescinded today, February 05, 2021.

YWCA Grandparent Support Network opens to Pender County grandparents

The Grandparents Support Network (GSN) is a peer support group for grandparents or relative caregivers who are providing full-time care for their grandchildren.

GSN meetings the third Thursday of each month, starting at 5:30 p.m. Due to the pandemic, all meetings are virtual. All meetings are free.

Sign-ups are available at

Program highlights include:

  • Education on relevant topics from expert
    guest speakers
  • Social and emotional skill-building
    groups and physical activities for
  • Academic support for students through
    case management
  • Social support for grandchildren from
    peers and trained, professional staff
  • Acknowledge ACE (Adverse Childhood
    Experiences) by promoting resiliency &
    the five protective factors

Learn more about GSN
Partner with Prevent Child Abuse America and use Circle of Parents Self-
Help Support Model

Services available at no cost to participants.

2021 Virtual New Year’s Eve Blueberry Drop Receives Two State Awards

BURGAW – Town of Burgaw’s event is a recipient of two awards from the North Carolina Association of Festivals and Events (NCAFE).

The 2021 Virtual New Year’s Eve Blueberry Drop was recognized as 2021 Excellence Award Winners from the NC Association of Festivals & Events during their Annual Virtual Show Fest 2021 Event Innovators Conference!

Pender County Tourism, a member of the association, nominated Town of Burgaw’s 2021 Virtual New Year’s Eve Blueberry Drop into a variety of offered categories.

“As events & festivals were faced to postpone and cancel this year due to the restrictions of the pandemic, many had to change how we are use to doing events,” said Olivia Dawson, NCAFE Vice President and Pender County Tourism Assistant, “We are pleased to represent Pender County Tourism and the festivals & events that take place in our county.”

The 3rd Annual Virtual New Year’s Eve Blueberry Drop was presented by the Town of Burgaw, and sponsored by Pender County Tourism, Pender County Parks & Recreation, & the North Carolina Blueberry Festival.

“We are proud to announce Sponsor of the Year was awarded to WO Grubb Crane Rentals on behalf of their contributions to the Town of Burgaw for our Annual Blueberry Drop!”, states Cody Suggs, Town of Burgaw Parks & Recreation Director.

“The 2021 Virtual New Year’s Eve Blueberry Drop also won the category for Best Print Media/Poster”, states Stephanie Key, Pender County Tourism Assistant. “as we prepared nominations it was important to recognize the events that were able to take place this year.”

This year’s Annual Show Fest 2021 Event Innovators Conference was held virtually. The theme of this year’s conference was to EMERGE. For more information about NCAFE visit online at


System Pressure Advisory for Wooten, Wootena roads, Lum Drive, and John Picket Road

Water customers of Maple Hill Water & Sewer District in the area of Wooten Road from address 455-763, and all Wootena Road, Lum Drive, and John Pickett Road, will be without water from 9:30 to 11:30, today. A Pressure Advisory Notice is in effect. The water outage is so contractors can connect interconnections with ONWASA. This work is being completed for the interconnection with ONWASA water system.
Water service will be returned upon completion of the work. Periods of low or no pressure in the distribution system increases the potential for back siphonage and introduction of bacteria into the water system.
Therefore, consumers in the area noted above are advised to boil all water used for human consumption (including drinking, making ice, brushing teeth, washing dishes, and food preparation) or use bottled water until this advisory is lifted. This advisory will be in effect for a minimum of 24 hours.
Vigorous boiling for one (1) minute should kill any disease-causing organisms that may be present in the water. Water customers are strongly urged to conserve water whenever possible.
This advisory remains in effect until further written notification is issued.
This advisory will go into effect on Thursday at 12:30 until we receive a clear Bac T-test from the lab sometime around noon on Friday 2-5-202.
On Friday, Feb. 5, the water line on Hwy 50 and Wooten Road will receive a flush which some people may see some color and sediment temporarily. This is normal and non-harmful to the customer.

Water disruption scheduled Thursday for Wooten Road area in Pender County

BURGAW – Beginning Thursday, Feb. 4, contractors will begin waterline work along Wooten Road in Pender County. Homes from 455 Wooten Rd. through 763 Wooten Rd., as well as Wootena Road and Lum Drive, will experience a water outage for several hours.

A boil water notice is issued for those affected lines until Friday until Pender County Utilities receive a non-positive Bacteria Analysis on the water.

This work is being completed for the interconnection with ONWASA water system.

On Friday, Feb. 5, the water line on NC Hwy 50 will receive a flush. Some water customers may see some color and sediment temporarily.

For questions regarding the water service, please call Pender County Utilities at 910-259-1570.

Pender County seeks equitable COVID-19 vaccine distribution

Pender County Board of Commissioners Chairman George Brown issued a letter today to Dr. Amanda Fuller Moore, the state pharmacist, to request an equitable distribution of COVID-19 vaccine.

Brown cites that Pender County ranks 98 out of 100 counties in terms of the total number of vaccinations per capita received since mid-December. He also noted that Pender County ranks 46 in the cumulative population and 65th in population of citizens 65 years and older.

He based the findings on the state’s own data released late last week.

Letter to Dr. Fuller Moore


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COVID-19 Vaccine Update: Due to inclement weather nationwide, vaccine shipments are delayed. We are unable to schedule vaccination appointments at this time.