Pender Solid Waste (PSW) serves as the management and administrative organization responsible for the collection, hauling, and proper disposal of approximately 35,000 tons per year of municipal solid waste (MSW) and construction and demolition (C&D) debris in Pender County. There are 12 Trash and Recycling Convenience Centers located throughout the County as well as a Transfer Station located near Highway 17 North in Hampstead. Solid Waste is collected from the convenience centers, hauled to the Transfer Station and transported to the Sampson County Landfill. The Transfer Station also accepts direct delivery of C&D waste and other MSW from Pender County residents. Recycling is co-mingled and sent to a materials separation center in Jacksonville, NC for sorting and shipping to recycling markets. Under contract with GFL Environmental, Pender County waste is hauled to a Sub-Title D (MSW) and dedicated C&D landfill located in Sampson County, NC.

Solid Waste News

Recycling Only stickers upgrade to FULL USE

If you received Recycle Only stickers you may upgrade to Full Use at Hampstead Annex (910) 270-6704, Transfer Station Scale House (910)270-5011, and Burgaw Utilities Office (910)259-1570 by paying remining balance of $110.00 and we will provide you with Full Use stickers. Recycle Only – your tax bill Solid Waste fee is coded Reduced, you paid an […]

Solid Waste Decal Purchase Procedures for County Residents in Incorporated Areas

Pender County residents in incorporated areas do not receive Pender County Solid Waste decals, due to receiving (and paying for) solid waste services from their municipality. These residents are not charged a solid waste availability fee by Pender County. However, if residents in incorporated areas desire to utilize Pender County Solid Waste Convenience Center sites, […]

New Trash and Recycling Stickers for 2021

New stickers will be mailed out by the end of  March 2021. County will give a grace period until April 10th for residents to change or/and replace it on their car windshields. The two solid waste sticker types include a Full Use Sticker and a Recycle Only Sticker. The type sticker you receive is based […]

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