New solid waste stickers were mailed out in March/2019.

New stickers are good for two years with expiration of March 2021.

All eligible Pender County residents utilizing the Convenience Center Sites will be required to attach valid solid waste stickers on the inside of your windshield in order to leave waste or recycling at any of the Pender County Convenience Sites.

Maximum of four solid waste stickers are issued per household for eligible county residents which have paid their annual Solid Waste Fees.

Additional solid waste stickers can be obtained for $15.00 at the Pender County Utilities Office (910) 259-1570, the Pender County Transfer Station Hampstead (910) 270-5011, and the Pender County Hampstead Annex at (910) 270-6704.

Solid Waste Fee issued mid-year will be charged a pro-rata rate based on the time of purchase for Eligible county residents include residents which do not live in the incorporated areas of Pender County.

Town Residents – Residents living within incorporated areas will not be issued solid waste stickers.   Please use your respective town’s municipal solid waste services for proper waste disposal.

Solid Waste Decal Purchase Procedures for County Residents in Incorporated Areas

Pender County residents in incorporated areas do not receive Pender County Solid Waste decals, due to receiving (and paying for) solid waste services from their municipality. These residents are not charged a solid waste availability fee by Pender County.If county decals are purchased, any solid waste fees paid to a municipality will NOT be affected. You will NOT receive a refund of your town’s fees and will still have to pay your town’s fees in the future.

However, if residents in incorporated areas desire to utilize Pender County Solid Waste Convenience Center sites, they can pay the appropriate availability fee for the Full or Recycle-only decals to gain access. The fee charged for decals is for the complete period of service remaining for the decal. In other words, if purchased in April 2019 (when the new 2-year decal was issued), an incorporated area resident would pay for 2 years of service ($440 for Full Use, $220 for Recycle-only). This fee will be pro-rated if purchased later during the decal’s stated term. All sales are final, and no refunds will be issued.



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