If you received Recycle Only stickers you may upgrade to Full Use at Hampstead Annex (910) 270-6704, Transfer Station Scale House (910)270-5011, and Burgaw Utilities Office (910)259-1570 by paying remining balance of $110.00 and we will provide you with Full Use stickers.

Recycle Only – your tax bill Solid Waste fee is coded Reduced, you paid an annual fee of $110.00 which allows recycling only. (Reduced code is listed on your tax bill because the tax office received a statement from private trash hauler indicating you were a customer receiving such a service).

The two solid waste sticker types include a Full Use Sticker and a Recycle Only Sticker. The type sticker you receive is based on the Solid waste Fee you paid with your tax bill. If your tax bill Solid Waste Fee is coded Full Use, you paid an annual fee of $220.00 which allows full use of the convenience sites.

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