Guaranty Waiver: All property is offered for sale ‘AS IS, WHERE IS.’ Pender County makes no warranty, guaranty, or representation of any kind, expressed or implied, as to the merchantability or fitness for any purpose of the property offered for sale. Please note that upon removal of the property, all sales are final.

Upset Bid Process

Pursuant to G.S. 105-374(o) and G.S. 1-339.64, real property sales must remain open for a period of ten days after the filing of the report of sale to allow for the filing of an upset bid. The upset bid must exceed the reported sale price by 5%, but not less than a minimum increase amount of $750.00. The upset bid must be delivered to the Pender County Asset Manager in the form of a certified bank check payable to Pender County and must be filed with the Pender County Register of Deeds before the close of normal business hours on or before the tenth day after the filing of the report of sale. When the tenth day falls on a Saturday, Sunday, legal holiday, or other day where the County is not open for regular business, the deposit may be made on the first day afterward that the office is open for regular business. Questions concerning placing an upset bid should be directed to the Asset Manager at

Pender County Surplus Property Bid Form


NC HWY 210 HAMPSTEAD 3282-29-4762-0000 $5,985.00
ROCK RD MAPLE HILL 3393-74-8900-0000 $6,300.00
SLOCUM TR CURRIE 2266-31-2140-0000 $5,712.00
STAG PARK RD BURGAW 3247-78-2302-0000 $5,000.00
MORNING GLORY RD ROCKY POINT 3245-52-0278-0000 $8,250.00
RED TIP LN WILLARD 2393-48-3645-0000 $19,460.00
OLD RIVER RD BURGAW 3247-56-7544-0000 $12,100.00
LONG CREEK LOOP RD ROCKY POINT 2295-82-1529-0000 $12,350.00
CANETUCK RD CURRIE 2254-67-8102-0000 $10,000.00
842 SYKES TOWN RD CURRIE 2234-13-4116-0000 $8,300.00
CROOMSBRIDGE RD BURGAW 3332-88-7049-0000 $6,682.00
960 LEE RD MAPLE HILL 3392-53-8565-0000 $10,598.00
403 SADDLE RIDGE RD CURRIE 2274-57-5844-0000 $26,200.00
600 CHESHIRE RD ROCKY POINT 3224-46-2015-0000 $46,597.00
SLOCUM TR CURRIE 2266-21-6379-0000 $12,000.00
3340 HALFWAY BRANCH SCHOOL RD IVANHOE 2350-15-2730-0000 $107,278.00
2875 BAY RD WALLACE 2385-31-8240-0000 $70,260.00
2907 ENGLISHTOWN RD WILLARD 2373-58-7162-0000 $128,936.00

For additional information or to place a seal bid please contact:

Andy Devane, Asset Manager
Phone: 910-259-1467

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