A water shortage emergency is hereby declared for Pender County Utilities water users in the Hampstead and Scott’s Hill areas until further notice. Due to current abnormally
dry conditions, greatly increased usage of water from the Rocky Point-Topsail Water & Sewer District system, and current equipment and facilities limitations, the availability of potable water in Hampstead and Scott’s Hill is at reduced levels which could result in low system pressures and loss of water service.

Stage 3 Mandatory Restrictions II are hereby declared for users of the Pender County Water System in the Hampstead and Scott’s Hill areas, which include the following requirements:

All non-essential uses of drinking water are banned and garden and landscape irrigation must be reduced to the minimum amount necessary for survival.
Outdoor use of drinking water for washing impervious surfaces is prohibited; and all testing and training purposes requiring drinking water (e.g., fire protection) will be limited.
Water users shall prevent water waste and runoff; wash only full loads in clothes and dishwashers; use spring-loaded nozzles on garden hoses; and identify and repair all water leaks.
All water users shall reduce water use by 20 percent compared to their previous month’s water bill.
Additionally, in Stage 3, a drought surcharge of 1.5 times the normal water rate applies.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Kenneth P. Keel, PE
Pender County Utilities Director

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