COVID – 19

Hardship Payment Plan

July 6, 2020



The purpose of this plan is to assist Pender County residential property owners impacted by COVID-19 an affordable payment schedule for unpaid water bill balances accrued from March 31st to July 29th of 2020.  This plan is in compliance with the NC Governor’s Executive Orders 124 and 142.


Pender County Utilities understands just how disruptive the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has been and we remain committed to doing the right thing for our customers and the communities we serve.

These unprecedented times call for exceptional measures. Pender County Utilities implemented special crisis policies in mid-March and immediately suspended water disconnections while offering payment extensions and waiving late fees, which will remain in effect through July as we prepare to carefully and thoughtfully transition back to standard operations on July 30, 2020. Pender County Utilities will work with customers on a one-on-one basis as we transition back to our standard policies. We want to make sure we are doing everything we can to support you – just as we always have – because turning off the water due to non-payment remains a last resort. If you are experiencing a financial hardship, we urge you to work with us now to make payment arrangements while it is available.

Customers were not subject to service cut-offs starting mid-March and were not subject to cut-offs or late fees from March 31st to July 29th but were encouraged to pay their water bill balance each month to avoid building up a large balance. Residential customers will be allowed to pay their outstanding balance from this period over a 6-month period as long as they contact PCU to set-up this payment plan. Please contact our customer service at 910-259-1570 or go online to to complete an installment agreement. The installment agreement will allow you to pay past due balances accrued during April, May, June, & July in installments until February.  We understand that everyone’s situation is different, and we will work closely with you to create a plan that meets your needs while ensuring you are able to fulfill your personal commitment to your water bill balance.

We realize that these are difficult and unsettling times and we are committed to doing our part to help you navigate the uncertainty while we continue to deliver the clean, reliable, and affordable water you depend on. I know the last couple of months have not been easy and the weeks and months ahead will present many challenges, but we remain confident that we will overcome COVID-19 together and be stronger.  Pender County Utilities hopes that you and your family continue to stay safe and well.

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