To qualify as a disabled veteran and be eligible for a homestead property tax exemption under North Carolina law, a person must meet certain criteria. The property owner must be a veteran of any branch of the US Armed Forces with an honorable discharge and must have a permanent & total service connected disability of 100% from the US Department of Veteran Affairs. If in receipt of DIC, a surviving spouse of a disabled veteran may also qualify for a tax exemption. The disabled veteran homestead exemption is the first $45,000 of your assessed real property value is exempt from tax abatement.

Contact your local VSO or tax office to complete all documents needed.

Note this is a two-part process!   NCDVA 9 must be certified by the Regional Office first.  Once you received the NCDVA 9 certification then complete the AV-9 form and turn into your local county tax office!  Both applications must be turned into the Pender Co. Tax Office by June 1st of the year!

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Property Tax Exclusion-NCDVA 9
Property Tax Relief av-9 2023

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